Protect Your Property From Backflow

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Backflow is a nightmare to deal with because it causes foul sulfur smells and brown, rusty water. That's why BDS Home Solutions offers backflow preventer installation and testing services in Apopka & Eustis, FL and surrounding areas. Depend on our certified backflow tester to determine if your system is at risk of contamination and find an affordable solution.

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Learn about the basics of backflow

Don't know much about backflow? No problem. Check out these commonly asked questions about this plumbing problem:

  • What is backflow? This term refers to water going the wrong direction in your pipes.
  • Why is it a problem? Backflow can cause wastewater to contaminate your clean water supply.
  • How can I prevent it? Contact a master plumber to install backflow preventers in key parts of your plumbing system.

Don't risk backflow contaminating your water supply - contact us today to schedule backflow preventer installation services in Apopka & Eustis, FL.